Roman Tutushkin
Olga Boikova
Olga Boikova and Roman Tutushkin have been involved in architectural and landscape design since 2008.
Professional education: Moscow Institute of Architecture - Higher School of Architectural Environment Design. Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering - Industrial and Civil Engineering, Moscow State University - Landscape Design Course at the Faculty of Biology, Saint Martins College London - Interior Decoration, International School of Design - Interior Decoration, Gelos Auction House - Course Assessment and Attribution of Antique Furniture, Russian Plekhanov University of Economics - Logistics.

Members of the Russian Association of Designers and Decorators of Russia.

During the work, dozens of private and public premium-class interior projects have been implemented on a turnkey basis.

Works published in leading interior publications and the Internet.

Olga Boikova and Roman Tutushkin have been included in the "100 Best Designers and Architects of Russia" rating of the world's leading publication on interior design and architecture AD (Architectural Digest Russia).
Apartment "Green Hills"
Apartment Kseninsky pereulok
Apartment "Fantasy Island"
Regular garden of residential complex "Monolit"
Marriot Apartments Novy Arbat
Apartment "Zodiac"
House "Benelux"
Penthouse "Vorobiev House"
Apartment Sechenovsky pereulok
Apartment Uspensky Lane
Apartment Novy Arbat
Apartment Petrovsky Boulevard
Studio "Vivaldi"
A.D. magazine
A.D. magazine
A.D. magazine
A.D. magazine
A.D. magazine
  • Creation of a concept and stylistic solution, full construction design engineering and support of repair and finishing works of interiors of private and public premises

  • Design and production of unique, author's furniture and interior items

  • Completion of objects with finishing materials, furniture, equipment and decor items. Direct deliveries from factories from Europe, USA and China

  • Landscape design
Planning decisions

  • Options for arranging furniture and equipment in all areas of the house in accordance with the instructions of the customer.
  • The final plan for arranging furniture and equipment in all areas of the house for the preparation of working documentation according to the option approved by the customer.

Preliminary design. Interior visualization

  • The choice of a stylistic solution for the interior and the formation of a general concept of interior design.
  • Proposals for the design, decoration, furnishing and lighting of the premises of the facility
  • Coloristic solution of interiors
  • Perspective views of the main premises

Working part of the project

  • Furniture and sanitary equipment layout plan with bindings
  • Plan of floor types indicating the layout
  • Ceiling type plan
  • Arrangement plan of lighting fixtures with bindings and indication of types of fixtures.
  • The plan of lighting fixtures by groups with the arrangement of switches and tracing
  • Layout plan for electrical outlets (power, low-voltage, television and computer)
  • Wall layouts with the layout of finishing materials and the placement of decorative elements, indicating the coverage area, sizes and article numbers of the selected materials
  • Working drawings of non-standard parts made to order

Project implementation

  • Author's supervision - visits of the designer to the object during the production of repair and finishing works for consultations and control over compliance with the implementation of the design project. Making adjustments to the workflow.
  • Placement of orders for interior items and equipment, control over their execution.
  • Decorating - selection (with a visit to trade and exhibition points) of decorative interior elements after repair and finishing works: selection of paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, cutlery, dishes, tablecloths, curtains, lamps, accessories, etc. for the premises of the facility
The cost of creating a design project depends on the area, condition, location of the object and the details of the client request. The price for the full list of the above services is calculated based on the cost of 25 000 rubles per sq.m. The final cost is formed after receipt and discussion with the customer of the terms of reference for the design project.
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